Our company name, E-Dimension, was inspired by M-theory, which hypothesizes that spacetime has 11 dimensions. This is hard to imagine, but it is very exciting to speculate how our universe was formed. Likewise, we are excited about our work. Like the physicist who came up with the theory, we strive to always have a flexible mindset, to think outside the box, and to try new things. Hence, “E-Dimension.”

  • Company:

    E-Dimension Corporation

  • Representative:

    Yoshimi Ando

  • Address:

    1-8-3-305 Kouyama, Nerima, Tokyo 176-0022 Japan

  • What We Do

    • Planning and production of audiovisual and multimedia materials
    • Coordination for domestic and international shoots and interviews
    • Development research for TV programs and movies
    • Video production for corporate communications, music videos, event documentation, etc.
    • Exhibitions and events: planning, coordination and production
    • Print and Web publications: planning, design, interviewing, writing and editing
    • Website planning, development and management
    • Translation


From Japan to the Moon: I want our society to pursue such dreams.

I had a sleepless childhood. At night, I thought about what was happening at the end of the universe. So it’s not surprising that I ended up working on so many projects that document the search for the universe’s secrets.

The universe is an endless source of questions. We are constantly learning how much more there is that we don’t know – not just in space science, but here on Earth too. My goal is to inspire your curiosity about the world around us – your interest in the unknown.

From Japan to the Moon: I want to be part of a society that goes after such dreams. Science shows us every day that, with enough hard work and imagination, things we can only dream about today can become a reality tomorrow. This idea inspires us, and we bring this attitude to all the work we do.

We will do our best to meet your expectations, and we would appreciate your continued support.

Yoshimi Ando
CEO, E-Dimension