E-Dimension Corporation (the "Company") will administer the personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy stated below.


  1. The Company will observe Japanese laws, regulations, and standards related to the protection of personal information.
  2. In the collection of personal information, the Company will state the objectives of collection and use in advance, and apply these properly within that scope. We only use your personal information in our contact form, to reply to your enquiry.
  3. The Company will not, except when required by law, provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the individual concerned.
  4. The Company, in order to prevent the illegitimate access, loss, etc. of personal information obtained from users, will strictly maintain the security of this web site.
  5. The Company will respond appropriately and promptly to requests concerning disclosure, revision, deletion, etc. of personal information.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us using this form.