• 8K Tokyo Planetarium
  • Cosmic Front
  • Where Did We Come From? Investigating the Origins of the People of the Japanese
  • Archipelago
  • Lessons of Life from the Forest People: Buryat Mandala for Prayer and Healing
  • Ultimate Edition: Encyclopedia of the World’s Motorcycles
  • Russia’s Strategic Missile Troops: Pressure for Nuclear Arms Reduction
  • Piano Peer
  • Messages from Aurora Borealis, the Mysterious Lights
  • Mirage of White: Master Craftsmen’s Quest for Ultimate Pottery
  • Space Programs
    You Too Can Become an Astronaut, Long Journey to the Galaxy, Space Travel Is Not A Dream, This is NASA’s Planetary Exploration, The Day When the Japanese Stand on the Moon


  • The Moon Observed by KAGUYA
  • Documentary series on space exploration in the 20th century
    Challenge to the Moon, The History of Planetary Exploration, The History of Spaceflight, The Pioneer of Rocket Development

Science Channel

  • Look! This is Japanese Space Exploration
  • The Space Shuttle’s Return to Flight: A Challenge for JAXA Astronauts

Benesse Channel

  • Maternity Yoga

Aurora Borealis Seen from Space exhibition

  • What Is an Aurora? A Magnificent Drama Between the Sun and the Earth

Kodansha DVD and BOOK

  • An Astonishing Record of NASA’s Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Nippon BS Broadcasting

  • Challenge to Space
  • Motoyuki Arai’s Table with Italian Wine

Solar System Spacetime Tour, Ayabe Astronomical Observatory

Audiovisual exhibits at the Tokyo Motor Show

WOWOW concert broadcast

Bregenz Festival NABUCCO, NEC

and others


NHK TV: Cosmic Front and others

RUSH – biographical sports film, USA

WE ARE X – feature documentary, USA

SACRED – TV documentary, WNET, USA


Interviews and special features for JAXA’s official web site

NHK’s online Space Channel

My Job Is Astronaut, by Koichi Wakata (Tokyo Shoseki)

Aurora Borealis: Investigation of the Cosmic Shore, by Yosuke Kamide (Kadokawa Sensho)

The Power to Continue: A Person’s Worth Depends on the Effort They Put In, by Koichi Wakata (Kodansha)


Aurora Borealis Seen from Space, at the Konica Minolta Plaza

Ultra-Deep Sea, at the Konica Minolta Plaza

Global House at Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan